Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PIs

Simon Casassus

(associate researcher – PI, UCh)

Observations of protoplanetary disks through: high-resolution AO imaging, interferometry, planet searches, spectral deconvolution. Radio emission mechanisms.

Lucas Cieza

(associate researcher – deputy PI, UDP)

Properties and evolution of protoplanetary disks (from early stages to their dissipation). Transition objects and young debris disks. Direct detection of extrasolar planets.

Jorge Cuadra

(associate researcher, PUC)

Numerical simulations of discs around stars, planets and black holes.

Matthias Schreiber

(associate researcher, UV)

Disk evolution, transition disks, photoevaporation, direct detection of planets, circumbinary planets, planets around evolved stars.

Postdoc researchers

Alice Zurlo

(young scientist, UDP)

Exoplanetary and protoplanetary disk science using ALMA & SPHERE observations. Direct imaging, coronagraph and adaptive optics techniques. Member of the SPHERE consortium, and directly involved in the GTO.

Sebastián Perez

(young scientist, UCh)

Planet-disk interactions and 3D hydrodynamic simulations of circumplanetary disks, ALMA observations of disks and accretion physics.

Virginie Faramaz

(young scientist, PUC)

Exoplanetary systems dynamics, debris disks modelling, planets-debris disks interactions and planetary migration, N-body simulations.

Matías Montesinos

(young scientist, UCh)

Numerical hydrodynamic simulations of protoplanetary disks, particular interest in the study of planet-disk interactions and observability of such systems, for instance using ALMA.

Gesa H.-M. Bertrang

(young scientist, UCh)

Formation of low-mass stars and planets, especially with respect to the role of magnetic fields. Observations of polarized radiation in the optical, near-IR, and (sub-)mm

Nicolás Cuello

(young scientist, PUC)

Hydrodynamical simulations of protoplanetary, ciricumbinary and twin disks. Dust dynamics and grain growth models. Radiative transfer calculations and observations (ALMA & SPHERE).

PhD students

Valentin Christiaens

(PhD student, UCh)

Working with Simon Casassus and Olivier Absil (U. Liège, Belgium) in joint-supervision on transition disks and exo-zodis, with ALMA and Near-IR instruments. Modeling and interpretation of spiral arms. Direct detection and spectral characterization of low-mass/planetary companions.

Adam Hardy

(PhD student, UV)

Multiwavelength observations of the late stages of protoplanetary disks, and disks around evolved binaries.

Alejandro Santamaría-Miranda

(PhD student, UV)

Formation of brown dwarfs and accretion studies in planetary mass companions and protoplanetary disks.

MSc students

Matías Gárate

(MSc student, PUC)

Working with Jorge Cuadra in numerical simulations of protoplanetary disks.

Marcelo Barraza

(MSc student, UCh)

Working with Simon Casassus and Sebastián Perez in hydrodynamical simulations of protoplanetary disks

Felipe Alarcón

(MSc student, UCh)

Msc Student working on the physical conditions and vortex kinematics signatures in protoplanetary disks.

Associate researchers

Pablo Román

(adjunt researcher, USACH)

Image Synthesis on large datasets. Compressed Sensing algorithms and HPC (GPU).

Amelia Bayo

(adjunct researcher, UV)

Formation of very low mass stars and brown dwarfs, disk evolution and its dependence on the mass of the central object and its multiplicity. In general big data problems and the virtual observatory and astrostatistics (PI of VOSA,

Andrés Jordan

(adjunct researcher, PUC)

Characterization and discovery of transiting exoplanets; protoplanetary and debris disks; elliptical galaxies and their stellar clusters.

Claudio Cáceres

(young scientist, UAB)

Modeling of ALMA and VLT/SAM observations, accretion rates from X-shooter surveys and a transition disk radial velocity survey to test for close stellar companions.

Víctor Moral

(software engineer, UCh)

Bill Dent

(adjunct researcher, ALMA)

Protostellar disks, debris disks, planet formation, protostellar outflows, Galactic Centre, line & continuum radiative transfer models.

Former members

Henning Avenhaus

(young scientist, UCh)

High-contrast imaging, particularly polarimetric differential imaging (PDI), planets and planet-disk interactions.

Sebastian Stammler

(PhD student, PUC)

Protoplanetary disks, dust dynamics, grain growth, ice-lines and observations.

Gerrit van der Plas

(young scientist, UCh)

Protoplanetary disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars and Brown Dwarfs (BDs), observations of dust and different gas emission lines that each trace a different physical (temperature, pressure, radiation field) regime.

David Principe

(young scientist, UDP)

Multiwavelength observations of young stars and their circumstellar disks with an emphasis on X-ray emission. Variability associated with star-disk interactions. Coronal emission, magnetospheric accretion, disk heating and photoevaporation.

Mark Booth

(young scientist, PUC)

Collisional and dynamical evolution of debris discs, modelling debris disc observations, debris disc statistics, dynamics of planetary systems, small bodies in the Solar System, astrobiology.

Alex Dunhill

(young scientist, PUC)

Accretion disc physics, focussing on the interactions between discs and binaries or planetary systems across astrophysical contexts. I am interested in both how discs can affect the dynamical evolution of the system, and how these effects might be observed.

Héctor Canovas

(young scientist, UV)

Protoplanetary and transition disks, planet formation and disk evolution in different environments (Herbig Ae/Be, TT stars, single & binaries). Technical interests: ALMA, Imaging Polarimetry (Optical and NIR), High Contrast Imaging.

Sebastián Marino

(MSc student, UCh)

Working with Simon Casassus on protoplanetary disks.

Nicole Spillane

(young scientist, UCh)

Domain decomposition and parallelization in 3D hydrodynamical codes.